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What the heck is a Mashtun anyway?

mashtun (mash-tŏn) n): A vessel used in the beer-brewing process where
ingredients are combined and cooked for hours after which the resulting liquid
is hand-crafted beer.


At Mashtun Creative we believe in a process. A process that begins with listening to you and what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then we combine these ideas with our creative abilities to form a Creative Process which we then produce a XX for you that makes your brand sparkle. You can say we have a passion for hand-crafting great imagery.

The Mashtun Creative Model
Ideas, ideas, and more ideas. This is the starting point of the
We take all ideas, research, notes, scribbles, and XXX and throw it in the Mashtun. Here we engage in a collaborative creative process with a back and forth process until we reach a product that is uniquely creative and XXX for you, the client.

Some of the things we can do:
- Brand Architecture
- Print Advertising
- Creative Direction
- Photography Concept & Direction
- Collateral Materials
- Logo Development
- Art & 3-D Installation
- Reasearch and Consulting
- Web/Online Concept and Art Direction
- Brochures
- Direct Marketing
- Photography (photo essays and documentary)
- PPT execution

To keep us inspired at Mashtun we occasionally stock some of these brews in the fiidge. Think of it as always keeping our creative thirsts quenched.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (CA) - A classic West Coast style ale
Schneider Weiss Tap 5 (DE) - A hoppy wheat
Sam Adams (MA) - They started the brewing revolution
Schanzenbrau Schwartz (DE) - Cool guys & cool beer
Cambridge Brewing Co. Pale Ale (MA) - Their flagship!
Boston Beer Works IPA (MA) - Overly hopped = Overly awesome!
Elch Bräu Pils (DE) - a small Franconian brew
JW Augustiner Export (DE) - A Munich classic
Young's Oatmeal Stout (UK) - Oatmeal and beer, hmmm
• Any beer from Bruges, Belgium!

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